One Star in Sight

I am full, I radiate fire, I revolve
Against all hollowness.  I am not
Of that cold world with its smile
Of insincerity, shrugging indifference
And waste.  I burn
Against the careless and their
Casual creed, against the callous,
The enmity, the lies of the lost.
Averse to easy options, I handpick
Hard courses.  I spin, staking
My life on trial and error.  In
The trying, is all.  My orbit in time's span
Is open and learning.  My blaze
Is all there is.
When knocked, I wobble, then rebalance.
I am not immune
To life's disease - I embrace it for it teaches
It cannot harm me.  I am not immune
To pain and do not want to be.
Let me eat it.  Through it I
Animate, surge and rise.  I burst
With force.  My heart is dark as
Blood.  My care is never casual.  It is
Always deep, always close.
See the brightest light: look
In my eyes.  Know what heat feels like:
Burn your hands on my skin.  Walk
In love's purple lanes: steal my soul;
Clasp me close;
Jump the abyss with me.
Hear of eternity and truth: listen -
I will tell you tall tales.  Understand
What is precious: learn my diamond core.
Taste an appetite for love, a desire
For more.
I will always be your heart, your sister.
My star's power will never wane.
Adjust your thought, align your gaze
On brightness, on the divine.
Wanderer, can you perceive?  Stretch
Forth your hand I dare.  Come near.
Test my force, your fear.  Touch
My sun and play with me.  I guarantee
You will think twice when you feel
The warp begin - your sight will dim,
Your skin will sear,
You will fear, and run.  My star
Is bright, too bright for mortal man's
Sight to withstand.  None who have
Wandered into my sphere
Have been a match for me; none
Can bear the burn and stay.
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