Oh Really?

Do I want this life
Living in a single room
Inside knotted like a sheet because
Of a test tomorrow?

No friends; living
On my own; no
Companion - there is
Pressure here, a four-year

Obstacle course, self-imposed,
Which I don't know
I can endure.  Now is the time
To sink or swim.

Is it worth it?  The reality
Is double-edged: ideal and
Wedged in my side like a
Sword.  Not what I'd hoped 

For, envisaged - it is barer,
Harder, colder rock than I had
Seen, more isolating a climb
And hurting, is sharp steel.

Oh really, I hear you say, stop
Whinging.  It was your choice
After all, no-one forced you
Onto these slopes, up this hill.
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