The cackle, the hooting,
tears running down the cheeks,
pointing fingers,
stomachs weak,
howls of derision,
shoulders heave,
the gasps, the whimpers,
the laffs,
falling off chairs,
rolling on floors

and object standing there
deaf and blind and dumb
oblivious to limbs,
beds' starburst,
sowing bad seed
coagulates stale and white
transferrance of ills,
disease is
mounting weight of ridicule,
the scoping eye 
a micro-lens of possibility,
the pushing wedge
thrust down throats
bed by bed,
blunt instrument of sweat
and disfigurement.

See the soiled skin, all
dried and sordid 
coiled in the brain.
Cold act of hands,
the pant, the pant, the pant,
tongue lust 
and lick of fires, the body-burst,
the scorch, the body bag, the zip, 
the piss, the shit,
the object is
deeds of calculated risk.
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