No-man's land

This is the void of hope
This is the silence of the deep
This is the place where all
Have gone, this
Place I must conserve my life
Warm and mine, with love,
Or I spill-out into the black,
Drained away, unable to
Bring her back.  This is the
Lack of voice, of hand, of
Sorrow at the core of my heartland.
These are the quiet tears more
Than I can bear, this is the
Bonedeep  tiredness seeping here
How  to move my limbs in
Gathering how  to raise the heart
From its death of being to
Courageous  sight. How  to
Win through this endless night,
One sip on parched lips, one drop
Of light.

This is the incapacity of
The dark, this is the slow smaii
Moments of the heart when warmth
And health are far from me
And I freeze in hollows laid for me
To sleep in and not wake.
This is hypothermia, the slowing of
The brave race, the stilling of
My hands.  This is no-man's land.
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