Nature 2

The place is lonely
as the human minds
can't grasp one another's
thought and like the
mountains' grinding, grind
each to each until
humanity, untought, has
no guiding light, no
shared hands to carry the
torch -

we must have got here
through co-operation, or was it
brute force and dominance
of will
that dragged the masses after it
the beating on the rock never
stilled -

there is always the rasping and
the graze as we look each
to each and speak, try
to make the other
understand, tectonic plates,
vast edges grind, there is
no peace

and so we war
over our garden fences
and speak, don't speak to
friends who sometimes understand
	but mostly not -

and stare at the blue,
chameleon clouds restless in
their dissolve, and we
cannot solve our difference,
we humans who are all
the same in blood and bone,
in ancestry and the
stream of red laid
out behind us, yet we
cannot of one accord agree
what is good and in the
common good, agree
that the sky is blue
and sun is hot
and we all birth into
uncertainty but die
indeed, regardless of our
lot - we thrive on
difference and the power
it brings, climbing

over one another, to get 
what we want, to get
to the top of our desires,
foot in the face
of the one below, we
use the flesh as steps
towards the granite places
we would go.

Why not wage war
on our biology
and rid the world of our
	canker and our rot -
and let the trees increase
and the grass invade
and the waters run
in ceaseless circle
under the sun that makes
	all things grow.

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