My dream is

to wake beneath the
stars and hear a perfect
to live beneath warm sun;
to lie beneath 
warm pelts our own, hard won;
to laugh and love and dance;
to reverence on holy days our
Lord of Life the Sun, our Lady Moon;
to wonder at the stars,
hear their crackle, cold bright song;
to feel the pulse of land
we spread our backs upon; 
to track our friends
and meet in all
those sacred, secret places
where the lines of power converge;
join hands and know the heart
beats beneath our naked feet;
to bear our fruit with pride
and love the pain, the blood stigmata
gain and loss;
the flame of valour burning
in a man's heart - warlord
tempered by his love of kin;
to eat, be warm; and love ourselves,
this gifted land;
to know no sin.  This is
my dream.
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