My Keep

The wells of grief are
Deep and dark and
Neverending, they
Supply me with black
Tears - my fears ride
High before my eyes
In level tiers like battlements
I have supplies of neverending
Sorrow to sustain my lonely
Diet of high ground and brows.
My gemstone eyes are
Long sought but when I
Offered, were declined.
Here I rise and fall
With the wind, my Coat of
Arms is graven here above
The lintel of my home, my
Escutcheon gleams, well-
Kept, well-polished just in
Case a knight rides by to
Find my lineage well-
Honed.  I live in
Tones of black and grey
My wedding day was silent
And grim - the groom
Left and I neither
See nor remember him.  The
Castle quiet, guards asleep
I sit, remember all I
Have to hate
And let it go.  Outside
It begins to snow.  My life
I have to keep.
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