I retrieved the envelope, fearful
It would field an
Unkindly fate, go astray, land
In ugly hands.  So it sat
Eloquent, the entire half-day
I stared hoping not to see
My  words  burn through
Splay my  thought to
The  view of all.

Then  you: image
Of nonchalance and  nonsense, I
Called and you
Came  over then, nearing and
I gave it you
That oblong thing
My   sentences
I left them loose as
Strings in your hand.

Your  male wal! preceded you, colliding
With  a forcefield hard, unyielding
I reeled as your black jeans
Singed  my eyes.

An  outstretched arm, strong, nice
Sliced my  space: shocking
Proximity  we
Nearly  connected but
You  plucked it
And  left, did not
Hesitate, and I
Could  not look you in the face.

Your  masculine trace disturbed
The  air made
Molecules  vibrate
Particles pulsate
Rings  of energy oscillate
Through  the remnant
Of  my  mundane  day.
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