Lost Love

damn the world that gives me
no father
no brother
no husband
no son
I have come and been
barren, my soul undone
I have come and cried
and parted
and lost
and gather forgiveness
to me like flowers
forlorn, for no arms
clasp my heart - I hold
out my empty hand,
bare my fright
to an empty room
an empty womb -
my eggs lie fallow, and soon
will be gone - bled
free, bled dry
I have come
and cried
and lost all the
hope and love
I held inside - my
mother's arms and
smile are the
last and only  things
I lived for
and even they
have flown, fly
round my broken bones -
where she lies
the moss is green and soft -
somewhere she is
she flies and sings -
she waits for me, her
bright, consoling wings.
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