How  strange this ache
In the stomach's pith
You  wish someone
Were  with you
But they're not
When  you  think of telling
Them  a sudden thought
But they're not there
To  tell
When  you  can't share
A  feeling of delight
You  have to hug it
To  your chest savouring
Alone until its gone
See hear touch feel laugh
On  your own
How  strange to have
This ache for someone else
Somehow  it matters
That you're alone
That he's gone only the walls
Will hear your cry
Sense that you're
So you  sit and wait
The window  to your
Heart open wide
He'd come  home.

A  physical phenomenon
Your  body reacting
To  painful
Thought  like a
Barometer  measuring a
Change  in the weather
A  needle-stab in
Your  gut
A  spasm.
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