Life and Times

And this tiny
Creative moment
Here and now
Could last forever
And be sublimely
Living for itself
Long after the
Pen is lost.

The mind's thought
Can hold a universe -
One small second
Is eternity to God
And eternity the blink
Of his eye.

All time dissolves within
Our experience of being
Human - we hold
Worlds in our hands
If we could just
Open our eyes and
See - be alive to
Nuance and signal

Telling the universal
In the one
That dissolves time and
Longing into
One language, one
Tongue, one God and
One vision, one colour
For us all

That makes of an insignificant
Human moment like this one
In my time - the 
Experience of all times
The experience of all.

And the life that
Carries it - this small
Cluster of words
Sent out into the world
Like a seeing eye
Is itself the eye
That sees and

Travels outward from
My moment
Like a spreading
Ring.  I write and become
Divine in its welling
Heart at one with
All our
Striving moments in all
Lives and times.
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