Knowledge and Conversation

He speaks to me
He talks to me
He holds my hand
And makes me cry

I go to him
To be with him
I pray to him
I look him in the eye

And promise
I will do all that he asks
His bidding is my daily task
No more, no less

Than that I do
All he tells me to
And hope that it is right
And is enough

To give my life up
To his word
And say all that he
Says to me

Of purpose and of destiny
Of his plan for all our kind
Of all our error and his mind
He says to me

That by his hand are we alive
That all our choices are our knives
To cut ourselves or cut our bonds
But it is we who must decide

To choose the good and make amends
Or be blind, unsatisfied, in lust -
for by that choice
Will all our hearts be weighed and judged.
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