angel face
framed with fronded blonde 
set with baby-blues clean as sky
wide red smile not camera-shy
downy skin, sun-warmed
no gold hidden in shirt folds -
the stretch limmo at his elbow
attests wealth and place

young god, easy moving
lithe and slim, smiling moving
slowly through the plate glass door 
raising one arm 
as if to ward-off sun
but fastened at its end glints a gun 

fingers quiver 
eyes preoccupied 
people stare surprised 
forks poised  
eyes trained on him

one by one they slump and thud
faces crumpling, blurred

he stands and waits for it to pass
oblivious to sirens 
smile red and wide, not camera-shy
the harm done and wanting
vehicles outside
screeching at the glass

inside the caf
the people spill
and congeal on the cool parquet
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