Janus is my name

And I preside over you.
The rule of time's doors is mine.
I determine the appearance of your
Chalk line, your chain of motion -
Your life moves and swings by my pressure
Ends and beginnings
I curl the snake, make it straight,
I monitor and propogate
All lines, planting them
With seeds and pods
So that all is
Not lost en route.
I am four eyes in two
Two heads in one
I am all eyes, I multiply
My gaze - see all in one
Revolving whole: the hub
And spokes of one great wheel.

I am kind to travellers
Try to teach that
Change is Stability
And now and again for fun
When one door closes
I open another and wait
For your foot to decide
Which threshold to cross.
Next time you step
Out of doors, consult your
Watch, your hand, ensure your mind
Has analysed
Where your foot will land.

I am the silent watcher
Of dormant hopes, of latent
I ensure the wheel turns
As it should, is oiled and smooth,
And although I blow hot and cold
I mark how you come
And where you go.
My aristocratic status is assured by
Ancestral claim:
I am ancient as days
For time runs in my palm.
Janus is my name.
I am the crux of ways.
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