I wish ...

I wish I could write
a letter saying all we never
said; that would enumerate
all the hurt bled from wounds
and a mind fed on wanting 
too much.  I wish I could write
and ask why my love made no
difference - 
why you walked through
that door and just never came
back.  Was it my lack?
You never spoke at all; of
your want, your need, your
pain - did you have any?
Did you not see me there
waiting for you to share
yourself?  I wanted no gain,
only to be there
for your need - did you have any?
I wish you had said 
just one word to tell me what was
in your heart - did you have one?
Where did you go, folded man
coiling and 
coiling inwards, declining
all sense of self to all else
around.  I did not understand,
did not see you go, just saw
your face one day and saw
a foe.  Where did you go?
How could you leave and say
no word?  How can I ever know
what happened in that place?
How can I ever live in peace
when all I want is 
to see your face?
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