Your  little finger
Touched  my steel-bound
Bevelled walls perfectly
Cemented  and secure
Finely crafted from chiselled
And  they burst their bonds
Crumbled  down around  me
Their rocks rolled, left me
Bare and  unprotected alone
To  face your face:
Your  eyes slashed my skin
Your  words burst my  ear-drums
One  chance meeting and
You  got in you got in again
You  pierced me, how well
You  wield your knife until
My  heart lies bleeding my
Soul prostrate, I have
Foregone  all control and
Unravel  at your feet.
You  have killed me now
So  many  times making
Paper  of all my
Defences  and denials.
Your  strength will never
Wane,  I cannot keep you
At  bay when you  hold the keys
To  all my doors, invade
My  space I cannot
Bar your  force. Thus
I am  maintained
Insane, in pain as you walk
In  and through
As  the whim takes you
How   I am powerless
In  the face of your disease.
Next  time please
Take  your seagreen eyes
And  pass me  by.
Do  not talk to me.
I do  not want to die
Struck  down and
Paralysed, invaded by
The  sickness and the
Seagreen  eyes
Of  you.
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