In The Wilderness

But how could I conceive 
the last step would be easy? 
One world has to fall away, 
light darken in the eyes before 
the birth of a new one lights 
and rises.  Such birth is pain, 
is loss in excruciating gain - 
the soul scourged in admonition of 
all its farthest soils - it goes 
way back that schism, carries 
with it all derision and all zeal, 
the Holy Place unconcealed but 
invisible and outwith the feet's 
ability to step.  I am pushed 
back onto territory new, the steps 
withdrawn, the space I stand upon 
a strange turf and wide.  The 
gate is gone, its promise left 
me void and seeking in a 
land I never knew was here. 
This is pure fear. 
The self divided from 
the self, the 
Devil at one's ear.
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