In Memory of Her

Today the world is 
At my feet
And I turn it as I laugh 
At the music of my sun 
At my own dark passion 
Bubbling in the surface of 
My eyes - today a green-blue 
Guise with lights of gold 
And my humming hands 
He anoints with fragrant oil.
I stand on the world
And run
A balancer on a ball
And I catch the clean air,
The waves, the birds, the sun,
In my fingers
And I lick them,
Savour paradise on my tongue.
I exult
At my rare air
My rare hour
Of miracle
Of deep joy deep breath
Pulsing down the tensile wire -
That sacred umbilical
That joins me and God
And feeds me his word.
His finger points -
And I rejoice as I, flagrant
And unsoiled,
Turn his world
And make his music run.
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