Ice II

ice ice in the veins
enough to chuck a child down 
a drain crack
an adult's head against a wall
and walk on laughing
tall at your hovering
above it all better than
the rest
who waste their lives in

frost frost in the breath
that tinges all a deathly
white and brittle wires
in place of eyes and electronic
fusion in the brain
connections that feel nothing

this is the crowbar that
demolishes the brotherhood
we all share
and it stares there from
a pair of cold blue eyes
the whiff of evil-dealing
when you touch the palm breathe in
makes you retch as you suspect
all is unwell
inside the gut

you take the palm shake flinch
and from this our hatred breeds
suspicion on suspicion
foils the cure for all our ills
ice in the hands that sanitizes
pain wreaks havoc
in our days spreads chaos
of indifference like a plague
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