The Emperor

O Sulphur man, O Crimson
King crosslegged and
All profile on your 
Throne there, your lonely crown
Won by fire and
Force, your sceptred flame
Revolving orb, are alchemy
In practise hidden in
The flowers and bees that
Spread your robe, all busy.
You are active sagacity 
Upholding fire's purity
And the elemental wood
Of burning thought;
The process of distillation
At your heart's red
Core.  Your beard is
Alight, your coaled eyes
Survey your court:
Wise to time you are
All skill, head and age
All initiative.

Your rams are both
Dark and light; the lamb has
Lain down with the lion
And your Twin Eagle shield
Is a sign that red and white
Might merge to keep 
Your kingdom
Safe and whole in 
Wisdom and the word
Exalted in the organised
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