Threads cloud moving-in 
Wrestle sky, greyly
Cover bright blue thick
Dirty bunches dim land below,
Dull room that
With you one time was
I think, light, free.

We shared bed was 
Me submerged liquid eyes 
Hands blind lithe
Neck, shorn skin, designer-
Shaved hard thin
Limbs, turn over, I be slow
You said - I No - skins

Grazed not meet, lips only
Kissed I cold inside
Untouched, untaught, not
Living it.  You warmth
Body required fill need - 
Enthralled false way for 
Heart be not lost, dead. 

But there it was: obtuse block 
Ice deeply frozen, refused thaw.
These days mind hard as hard
Edges, rigidity thought watches
Weather drawing-in, one lone pale
Beam escape cloud overload 
Steal down slender gold finger

Brush land rose.  I wish
My heart's sun rode 
High life's landscape 
Hot, beyond mess down here -
Turgid world - enough lift 
Small soul's death-in-life:
Cold hungers unfed, unassuaged grief.
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