How we came

The past is a strange place
full of faces and echoes, full
of pain and regret, full of
all the loss of our lives, the
choices made, the people gone, the
things we yet should
have done and did not. The
past is a place locked and
sealed, too easily scaled and
revealed for the mind's sections
run its movies, its faces
and selections and
make us cringe at
our mistakes.  My past
has a strange face, one of
loss and bad choices - I
recognise that all the steps
from there
led here
and it is a fear, a fear,
that our destiny now, our
reality now began
with our first step
first word, the
endless chain of forward
momentum is
wondering how we came, why
we fared so
badly or so well to
end up in a present
current of living that
could be heaven, or could
be hell.
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