Growing against the Wall

I love you
And that love will never go
Until I do.
I wish you here:
I could thank you
For your hope of me,
For the kindness, the generosity.
When young I knew
I would be grown
I would be like you -
Learned, wise, full of 
All things good, all things true -
A straight, high line, dynamic
And refined. 

Thus I strive, I strive
All the days of my life 
To be as vigorous,
To follow on, to be a worthy
Acolyte, one tiny good result
Of all you were -
Your living blood, your genes, your mind -
Make up this one small seed
You planted
And left behind to grow
In good rich soil
Supported by 
Your wall.

And look now: how I flower!
These years on I am
Profusion in bloom -
How high I have grown, 
How strong.
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