Gregor & Julian

(for sdjp)

love the vast wilderness where
cacti bloom, the crimson splashes
like blood alleviate the gloom -

love the minute moment, the second
dying in crescendo even as it passes
and since I have known you

and seen your bright eyes, your
human fragility, the beating
frailty of your flesh, the sun

has moved and turned
risen and set and our world
has spun on a microscopic

track of adjustment and balance
I hold your hand the 
ephemeral moment emblematic

of eternity stretching past the
horizon we can never see 

		I love thee
		thy heart and soul
		the fragility of thy

and I measure our breath, our
human moments our bloom
that will pass and hope

and love and trust that
our small marker has meaning
in the vast floating moment

of life and time 
so all I can say in this
one Christ Mass in

our small time this Yule
is		it is my human
privilege to stand beside you

and talk and laugh and
love and see sights that
uplift us - and amid

death and change, the
vast moments that outlive
our breath		I plant

my flag and say
	this is us 
	this is our day
		in the sun

and it is wonderful
it is gifted and it is
hard won

but it is ours
and in it
we are home
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