Gravity I

The  magnet stops
and  pieces start
to float off
come  apart
one-by-one  unbalancing
first an eye
then a leg
and  a finger want to resort
to their own individuality
pull every which way
the thread
with nothing
to hold the bits together
she will have to
be stitched this poor
woman,  or  glued
if the thread won't hold
don't worry  dear
you  won't see the join
we certainly can't have
parts just wandering off
floating into space
like that, it's
obscene, disjunctive even
why,  it'll make you daft,
disjointed, you
have to be  sewn you see,
stuffed with loam,
made  whole into
one  again: a
brand new  soul
the way God
made  you dear
intended you to be -
you'll see -
this coming apart
at the seams is
just silly
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