God Dreamed Me

God dreamed me, and then he
made me wonderfully,
fearfully, and here I am
trying to be the pattern, be
the woman he dreamed.

I have a dream of myself:
strong and true, upright -
hearted with giving hands
and a full soul.  I dream
of darkness, the floor of a
dark cell, I dream of light,
golden corona of suns -
I dreamed people: beginnings

and ends.  God dreamt
my song and I sing it -
dirge-hollow and slow -
cry freedom and fly -
God's daughter, he told me

and said to be everywhere
True.  And I have been,
with you and with you.

I have less to go now,
he tells me, my footsteps
softer and more slow.  But
the paths are still there before
me that he dreamed and made.
I laugh, and I cry.  But
I walk on - his blueprint
breathing and real.
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