I ghost myself in this dark glass
a mirror-image stuck in there
as fast as I am to this desk -
there are two lights, two towns,
two leaded shapes I see, two eyes
one nose, one mouth, a silent
pose of mocking and servility.

I am fit for purpose now but
I see your eyes alight with
laughter, incongruity, these
days a hazy, brave and warring
thing, a trial of limb and energy
of will being pointed at an
unknown land burning on the
edges of my map - here
be dragons and

all things unseen.  And so my ghost
it takes my form
and laughs at my solemnity.
I match its pace
its eyes and freedom, hold them fast to me.
It will teach the error
of my ways, prevent my ship
from falling off the edge of
voyage into cataracts of glass
that cut the face.
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