Four Majors

on the cusp of many
	I have been

on the edge of many
	I have seen

in the midst of many
	I have sailed

on the shores of many
	I have paled

	see me now along
	the boundary
		bending low

	see me now along
	the cliff edge
		sending code

on the cusp of many
	I have lingered

on the edge of many
	I surrendered

	on the margins of my mind
	I heard the voices
	of the damned

	in the brightness of the morning
	I cried of dark
	deserted hands

at the edge of many haloes
I was burned

in the place between
the living and the dead
I communed

in the city
of this life
	I was killed, I died -

but the Dove descended
and I found myself

	on the shore of a vast sea
	I stand
	to watch the setting sun

	which took my loved ones with it
	when it descended
	and was gone

on the edge of many wounds
I exist, to carry them, regardless
of what is.
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