Forgiving God

To have died
and never been
happy is
remorseful life - to have
died and never been
allowed to live
the worst kind
of crime - to have died
and never known
love, or warmth, or
care, a shocking lack
of truth - we destroy
each other, we
destroy our earth, we
suffocate all our
hopes and dreams and
gifts with
ifs and musts - such
constraints chain us
down, never
allow us to flex
our wings - find
the given things God
gave us life to fly - I
rue my time spent
in fruitless endeavour -
bars on the windows
of my life never
permitted me to reach
and touch the soft
feather his hand held
out to me - my
companion never came,
all my loves are gone,
life is harsh and hard,
forlorn and lone -
not worth
its living - to have
died and never been
happy is me forgiving
my God for giving
me lack and loss
instead of much
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