Fallen Angel

Skin translucent, coloured barely-
Pale, shell-like it shone
In the light, your forehead always
Squeaked  if it was rubbed.

Raven  hair glossy, almost
Purple, supple as the pelt of a seal,
Never  knew  anyone so clean -
Living angel you were beautiful.

Fingers tapered, graceful hands an
Articulation of your wide white smile,
Laughter  always bubbled just beneath
The  surface - these things you were

Until you turned-up a pale soft belly
Unknown   underside exposed to the
Air -  I saw things inside your skin,
I saw  maggots crawling there.

In fright I did not want to be
Your  friend, to look inside those
Gleaming  eyes again - you burned me
And  I still writhe from the foulness

Of  your breath. Yet I fret for you,
Cannot  forget the you that I once knew
Despite the recognition I had Satan
In my  sight all along.
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