Eyes, eyes how they glaze

over life's sins, refuse to take-in
our time's rubbish, the rotting.
Ears, ears how they block
the message screaming itself hoarse there.
Hearts, hearts pump on
regardless of warning, someone
else's coronory is not our point
of focus, the bloodflow raucous
to the third eye,
inner ear,
pure body core
alive, awake, that knows all
currents in the wind, 
the inner radar
the heavy beat knocking back
from metal where we are
hermetic, sealed-in against
voices out there, 
words, notes,

Time is a raging thing
unforgiving, unforgetful
of all we do, all we've done,
its abacus is loaded
like the gun we hold
to our collective heads.

So much to shed but
nothing much to really lose.
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