Empty Skies

the skies are silent
the birds don't sing
and we miss them we miss them
the silent summers dry and
lose all mirth - our eyes look up
forced to know
we caused another
holocaust but this is
a loss unseen -
small bodies fall unheard between
branches lie in leaves songbirds
die quiet and broken-winged -
our pesticides and peasant
guns sanitise the countryside
and companies provide 
our appetities with pristine food
engineered for cleanness in the gene
leave a sour taste on the tongue
we preside over want and waste
as our plants die of thirst
and the mouths of our sweet birds are wide
beneath the empty dusty skies
they neither cry nor sing
their songs lie lost
the thrush's throat hollow exposed
swallows rain unheeding
and in the empty dusty skies
nothing moves
nothing sings
the songbirds lie
quiet and broken-winged
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