Easter Sunday

Author of all being 
you write my mind 
with your right hand 
require that I do 
You tell me that you are 
the who I am - this person 
breathing here beneath 
your gaze - was ordained 
by you, the instigator 
of my ways.
You know my all -
the seen and unseen
run together, make me one
a whole a unison
the stones that weighed my heart
you waved away.
You know the end
of your own story
all your life is full of art
and my own line in it
is written down
in contribution to the book
are the words I comprise
and leave.
You have inscribed our lines
the parts we play, asked that I
for you and us -
it will fulfil
our covenant
you pressed my hands
and promised me.    You gave me
your word.
And I confirm my gratitude
this day of days
sieving through your glass
like sandgrains
quick and easy -
it is right to give you thanks and praise.

I place my trust in you and
turn, repent, renounce -
all I was, I am,
I rise to grace your reign
and grasp the hand
that carries me towards
that light.
You and I
we will never part.
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