Dungeons and Dragons

The Friday of the week when
I simply was not there 
My brain was
An alien place
I was displaced
I moved down corridors
I never knew existed
Places where 
I had never been.

There are tunnels there
Where no light gleams
An infinity of depth 
Breathes in those halls
Pallors exhale from 
Dank walls
An unremitting stare
Into blackness lives there
Here be Dragons
Live and lurking.

These are dungeons of the mind
Dark caverns where 
The iron gates clang
Enclosing you in 
Barring all routes
Of return
They decree an eternity
Of absence borne
And the winding rock 
Layers for miles above
Your head
Impervious to the thrust 
Of imagination's sight.

Long is the way
And hard 
That leads out of darkness
Up to 
The light.
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