The black waters swirl
And rise,
I feel them kiss my feet,
Curl round my ankles,
Climb my calves,
Curve my knees,
Slide my thighs,
Tickle my hair,
And lick my cringing skin,
Delicate lickings, dark water swirls
Over my rounded belly, hips, smoothing,
Caressing my breasts,
Stroking my back
And up, up,
The water constricts
My neck,
Laps my chin,
And cold, cold, cold
Kisses my mouth
Full and wet,
Tongues of water
Slide in my mouth,
Coat my throat,
And I choke choke, choke
My eyes are stung
And fey, and open,
Hair floats
And gently bobs.
I succumb to the water
As it turns me on my
Side, my back, rocking me,
Tightening my skin
with chilling hands.
All bleeds to white,
All is empty
And quiet with cold.
I am light as seaweed, pliant,
I ride the black water
As it pushes, pushes, pushes,
Its cold black-blue mass deep in
And cold my nipples rise
Responding as I seep
And slide 
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