You are gone my love and
my hands are empty, at this
hour you are eight hours ahead
of me leaving me behind
in your past -

but I follow you and
as you sleep my arms
and lips are there, I hold you
fast to me as if the
river of life could not carry you away.

I can only say
my heart and soul and being
are yours - should you
want such love: rich
heavy, deep and true -

my eyes hold you: the lovely
pictures frozen on my screen
but I know that
you have been
under my palm,

it is not mirage, a wished-for-
thing: you are real
and live, your river of water
flowing steady: true:
I love you -

all the being you are
and when you again
touchdown in this small
land where we were born
I will love you -

if you let me -
	as if you had been
	as if our times were our own
our one true psalm
sung exulting

despite the world and time,
the track of the sun,
the moonshine in our window,
high winds and high tides:
	mind, hand, skin, voice, smile -
	these, these are living.
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