Discarding The Unreal Stones I

He stood and asked a question of The Panel.
Why was it, he wanted to know, that when you 
Left you left a segment of self behind?  There was silence.  
He was asked to elaborate.  It was just that when you
Started out heavy, your critical mass was indifferent to your
Weight, but it counted on the road because it gave you
No choice but to discard.  And as you went, you see, you became
Lighter although the heart's lead weighed more.  If you
Kept doing this, you'd become weightless eventually, it
Stood to reason, for there'd be nothing left to throw.
There was silence, then he was politely asked to continue.
Well, then that means that you're born weighing in extreme
But by the time you've doubled your height and weight,
Your bulk has diminished and all you are is a force, sharp and
One-pointed with massive forward thrust.  And of course
That means you end up breathing air that's both rare and
Privileged, but through all that hard discarding of your stone,
Your weightlessness seems unreal while the knock-on effect 
On your soul is both critical and harmful.  Do you see?  The Panel
Thanked him for his contribution and invited another question from
The floor.  He sat down, shaking his head at their ignorance of life.
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