Can I dig down to that
Lode, the stone bedded deep
Where peace exists.  There it sits
Quietly gleaming, its glow a
Soft incandescence of quiet light.
Can I dig this black earth
To break through
To silence below where no things are
But hanging air
And thoughtflow that dissolves,
Lets you sit still, unfeel.
Can I dig deep to reach that lode, break
Free in it.
I sit on the surface
Edge, dangle my legs
Over, peer down.
Buried deep is that quiet stone.  If
I let go, I know it will
Bear me up.
I will not fall
I will float on air
Suspended by the bright
Thread of God.  I will sense his
Living breath on my skin, and
Living, I will not think, and
Living, I will not know.
I will be the peace
Of the unreal, the slow eternal - 
The peace that lies below at the
Heart of that still stone
Is the lode that nourishes
Is the lode my own.
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