Dichotomy II

A Wednesday  night - ordinary
night, ordinary week, the light
is bright through sky-
slatted wood - sunny afternoon

and it holds the
finite, and infinite
in its seconds: all that was
and is -

and all the invisible
hope for what will be -

the tiny moments
so small and so vast -
they contain the human
heart and all the passing,
the going, and the now -

what a trial it is to be
human, on a Wednesday
night, ordinary in the
life, mundane moment
extraordinary breath, 
eternal, all thoughts
compressed and

stored - forever and you:
now - the love spreads
like wings as if
my heart could fly -

dichotomy of our race - all
the time, the brochs,
night with the TV in front
of the gas fire - versus

winters and food uppermost,
scavenging for life, for
higher things - yet

here we are: we made it
thousands of years
yet there is no change
to love and tears
despite all our progress -

tonight, in this mundane
moment - I love you
but you cannot hear:
	my burden and scourge,
love too heavy to carry
and the tiny seconds
	ticking by

as if I could forget
and smooth the past to
make it without you
and your word, voice,
presence that made all
of my being and moments
work - my rock -

but how many of us
have there been
in the growing stream -
no stopping it,

the sheer numbers breed
futility - so
in this one tiny moment
on a Wednesday night
in eternity
I can say
that all my life left is
worthless without you

and I would die, willingly
to make our race extinct
because I never came home
never had the chance
to see you again - you
that made my life
worth living
and all my breath worthwhile
of space and time and

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