A short while 
I deliberated, watched 
the ubiquitous turning 
water I was soon to 
know.  I enjoyed 
my hesitation then 
took the decision: 
You can dredge 
these depths but I 
am hidden now. 
I sleep silent and 
deeply still.  This cold 
place is compressed by 
weight, in it I am made 
The space down here 
for breathing is tight 
and sore
they make you work 
for your life - 
God lives in these 
microbes and these heights 
are now my home: there
is no door -
no way past the dark.
No rising song.
No light.
No coming home.
It has been an endless
voyage learning
how to relate
to infinity.
I know now from where 
the darkness comes. 
Leave me alone to taste 
the water on my tongue, 
to eat the salt and digest 
myself clean, to be 
renewed, reborn, redeemed.
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