Dazed and Reeling

I am dazed,
Reeling, pushed from
One pair of hands
To the next until
I tilt and fall
Never recover from these
They have damaged my nerves.

Where has all the warmth
Gone?  Where are the smiles
And friendly faces the
Colour the laughter the
Joy the lack of scars
The freedom from ills
Must I always live 
With a scream perpetually

No dream no hope no plan
I cannot play the game
I am too worn-in.  I am
Nothing and no-one.
How do I regain self-esteem
And gladness of being
My own worth?

I have no kin.
I wait perpetually
To let someone in
But no-one knocks at
My door.
(Too much sorrow within.)
(Too heartsore.)
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