Daylight II

This blinding light is
Gold and yellow-white, strikes
My eyes, beams sharpen
My thoughts unpleasantly - I am in

This here and now surging
On, colour bleached, purged,
Almost gone - I am 
Become pale and

Indescribable, and you
Irreconcilable and far away - 
So young.  I play
At being, each curfew

Means daylight following -
A weak thing and
Insubstantial as a starving
Waif.  I am 

So far off the path
I have strayed into undergrowth
Too thick and green -
I am wilting for the sun 

To penetrate and warm
My living roots.
My books are no consolation.
Unbelievably, you forsook 

Me, left me with fright, 
My growth blighted. 
Concentration on ill
Only yields a full circle

I cannot exit.  I succumb, 
Forever drawn to your sun
Unattainable and so withdrawn
That you stunted my crown.

I never reached my full 
Green width in air.  
I cannot free my fall,
The knowledge of despair.
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