Daylight I

this blinding light is gold and 
yellow-white strikes my eyes sharp 
beams slant my thought I am 
in this here and now living 
on - colour bleached purged almost
gone - how I am become pale and
indescribable and you: 

irreconcilable, far away young - so
I play at being each day a fey thing
light and insubstantial as a starving waif
I have strayed so far off path I 
remain lost in undergrowth too green 
for sun to penetrate and warm my 
living roots - these books are no

consolation for my fright: you blighted me
and concentration always yields a full
circle and I meditate numb forever
drawn to your heat your light too soon
withdrawn, you stunted me, I never
reached my crown and cannot free the
memory of darkness coming down
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