The thing is, you see, you die, you live, you're born -
Or is it the other way round - well anyway, there are
Barriers like circular rings in a pond when you throw 
A stone in, hurdles, choices, and you don't escape
Your deeds, it's all a circle, cycle, boomerang-type-thing,
You don't get away with anything you do.  Heaven and
Hell, you could say, you carry about with you, and
Someone's watching, no doubt about that.  So you have to
Watch how you throw your stone, what pond you chuck
It in, for the rings spreading have a nasty way of coming
Back on you.  And there's a pain barrier, oh yes, like a
Wall you hit head-on, boy do you feel it.  That's why we are
Top of the heap of the food-chain, life-chain, with all the
Choices, moral, physical, social, to make - there's 
A reason you can bet, someone's watching, no doubt
About it.  It's a question of the soul getting old, 
It has a lifespan just like our bodies, except it takes 
Many lives to olden your soul, and you get so many goes
At this lark that the only thing you can do is improve,
Just keep getting better, stronger, more bright.  Well, that's
The theory, but of course some people do the opposite.
Still, you're born, you live, you die, that's what this is all
About, we're all part of the seasonal cycles except that
There are cycles within cycles, rings within rings,
And who really knows how much of life is circular?
I'd say all of it.  Even DNA is an upward spiral and
You can't go any deeper into ourselves than that 
Unless you start taking everything apart, and by
Concentrating on minute constituents, you miss the
Big picture, the most obvious thing, that life itself
Is the reason for life, and that the universe within is as
Huge as the universe without, so it's all a question of
Inverse ratio and it's the rings that count.  So be
Careful how you think, what you do, for all acts are
Monitored.  The individual is the main component part of 
Life's building blocks, and by a single person's actions we all
Move forward, or back, that's why it's so important 
For each of us to be unstifled, unsuffocated, free to truly be
What we were meant to be, for we all have a unique talent,
The trick is to find it.  The unfortunate thing is of course, 
That modern society is in the business of oppressing 
The individual in favour of the whole of society itself, 
But this doesn't work, that's why society is in the process of 
Disintegration.  There will have to be a radical break
From this misguided ethic if we humans are ever going to 
Reach our true potential as a race.  So what you do, how
You live, counts.  Think about it and get a real live life -
Not the substitute one they dish out complete with job and
Mortgage, car and debt.  Live long and prosper my friend.
Make sure all your deeds are good ones.
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