One wing is out,
purple and gold
gauze and gossamer
touched by the breeze, flames
in the morning sun
seethrough aquamarine 
gold-rimmed and studded
with lilac eyes, and I see
it but dimly through my
wrapping layers, see how
beautiful it is, how cool
it feels to be touched by
the breeze, soon
the rest of my wings
will be free and my body
will stretch and fly. eyeswide.

All there will be: infinity, wide wide
reaches of air
to float and flaunt in
infinite freedom and my day
in the sun, blazing, flying and flying,
all will be easy once I have my

And my mate is waiting, 
I see him: wings ablaze
orange and red, vermilion-green,
see how patiently he awaits
an emergence
from the dark.
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