Celebration Day

Your mind is alabaster
Tight and cold
Your fingers locked together 
Inseperable hold
Your netted face, closed eyes.
You prised 
The living light from me
And without her
I wander
In the dark aimlessly.

The nightdress had a high collar
To hide the scar
And her arms crossed
Her body in
Gesture of protection
To conceal a hollow
Casket with its treasure
Taken, lost.

It proved nothing to stand there
And love;
To not speak; so choked
With words I could not
Utter one.

She left me self-less
And alone
And today two years on,
Our twin birthdays come,
I mourn
Oh how I mourn
The life and warmth of her
Severed, gone
And me cut down

By grief.
Yet I love you 
Sly thief -
The one who graces me:
The daughter left 
Behind that sweet theft,
The day you brought her home.
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