I feel a sense of calm, of peace
pervasive welling like a gentle
spring - it is clear, freeing,
I hear it sing within, this space
so dearly won, but mine nonetheless.

I have light and air to breathe,
I can see further than I
ever have before; my sky is blue
powdered with white, emblazoned
with a sun so bright the gold

strikes my eyes - yet I feel all the
soreness go, balmed, slow, I leave it
all behind for I have reached a point 
of steady growth, a time of pure
sense, a place of range and challenge,

of infinite space, of change, of no
ambivalence.  I have never been so
free, so unlimited, so happy, have
never had such an endless world of
vastness, spectacular, in which to

voyage and explore.  The sea is calm, 
the water warm, my compass tells me 
there is no more than this.  I can sail
anywhere I want, full-blown, buoyant,
carry myself on and out in any 

direction.  I just have to 
choose the hemisphere, 
undo the ropes,
point the prow, 
and go.
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