Soul wrenched free
Flung on scorching coals
Too burning and sparky for
Me to douse in
Time, in happiness, in pain,
In all the gain, in all
The loss - cold waters -
Cut across my eyes -
Show me a slice of
Eternity in a purple
Dress - give me a
Sweet caress, a sweet face,
A healthy hand
A place to live
In place and breathe - a space
To grow and love - give me
A wide bed - O
Lead me to bliss I have
Never known - wet
These scavenged lips and
Succour me respite from
The sun - I
Pant too hard: been
Too long on the run 
In burning places
Yet in all-seeing and in
These deserts of my
Life only
Just begun - my Desire
The doughty engine
That will walk me
Out of endlessness and
Stretching sand to
The promised land.
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