strange suspense out there ...
quietness passivity
branches hushed and waiting raised and still
sky is pensive mourning-grey
leaden and unshielding
us from our own hate
nature shared in the blood
the heartbeat one and one alone
just is through all

the shock scores rings 
that widen into core 
her red blood boils deep in is sore 
small jolt from sleep intuits it
and fingertips alive feel the bed vibrate
as does the house the floor
the seconds tick and tick and wait

trembling initiates 
in distance deep and far
a wave is measured 9.8
global ring taken in breathed-in poisoning
and we can only sell our flesh
create the breach
and sever all the parts
from the whole 
until unlimbed and dying a torso is 
nothing left to sell

and watch the sky fail
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