I blur
I smudge  myself
Rub  my edges bare
Leave my  face
In the mirror
Look  at my
Place see nothing

They  stare at me these
Scores of eyes in red
And  blue, strewn
Across  the tabletop
Such  careless power.

I separate them out into
Careful little piles, palatably
Colour-coded,  lined-up
Along  the wood like
Lethal sentries with guns loaded.

I hear them speak, trying
Their tricks, I hear them
Dare, urge, cajole - let them
Take  me, feel them penetrate,
Swallow me  whole.

I should  let them ride
My   body deep, inhale
Their power  - they can help
Drive down  the bile
Rising in my  gorge, they can
Help  me  sleep.

They  want to give me
Something  sweet to chew on
They  want to give me
Heaven, want  to take away
The  vile taste of other
People's crud, replace the
With  ecstasy
If I just

Swallow  them
One  by one and let them
Ride  inside my body deep.
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